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Nakhila Isha’ is a Divine Interpreter, Psychic Life Coach, and Mentor 

Here to listen, interpret, and deliver messages from The Divine for your highest and greatest good.

As owner of Ashworth Scott Life Sculpting, Nahkila serves Soul-centered entrepreneurs and those choosing to make the switch from their day job to become one full time. Nahkila assists clients (like you!) with providing clarity where there is confusion, identifying your purpose, and releasing blocks so you can reach your full potential. She is renowned for shining a light on places hidden from your awareness that cause a feeling of stagnation. Other messages, methods, and tools that support your journey include Nahkila’s work as a Trauma Release Specialist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and Psychic Medium.


Together, you and Nahkila will heal from various traumas, reconnect with the deep, ancient wisdom within you, so you have the tools to assist others in doing the same. This process empowers you to independently create abundance in your business and overall life. Nahkila is confident in her ability to provide clients with unparalleled results because she did so first for herself. After retiring as a stay-at-home mom, she reached a high level of success . . . according to society’s standards. Married, two children, a home, large savings, a luxury car, and high rung on the corporate ladder.  “The dream” didn’t make Nahkila happy. Something was missing. So, she sought more. Her journey brought her through a divorce, back into the workforce, and to the loss of her material wealth. Then an injury took her health. Unable to work, Nahkila fell into a deep depression, suffered chronic pain, and gained 200 pounds. There at her rock bottom, Nahkila found meditation—and a new purpose. In the darkness, she heard a Divine call . . . Life Coaching. Finally, a way out emerged. Nahkila was guided to Bennett Stellar University, vowed to use her education to enlighten and empower others, and founded Ashworth Scott Life Sculpting.



Ashworth Scott Life Sculpting Team

energy healing


Jikiden Reiki Practitioner | Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner

I am Gillian Smith a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner (Laika Lineage), Jikiden Reiki Practitioner and an all-around empath, who loves to fulfill dreams. 


I am a storyteller who has released my own story to serve my higher self and Spirit. From a very young age I could read people’s energies, emotions, I knew intuitively how they were feeling or felt about a situation. I believed everyone could do this and carried on with life absorbing all kinds of energy until I matured and realized it was a gift. Through sheer determination, support and Spirit-led guidance, I shed all that longer serves me. 


Now my gift has evolved to serve my brothers and sisters, as I made a vow to Spirit to be a healer and earth keeper.  I took the long path to find my true self/calling. My working career began as a childhood educator, which led me to become a registered nurse. My life has given me many lessons and blessings, which is why I am here to serve you today. 


For the first 36 years of my life, I lived in the United Kingdom. We had a calling to emigrate, and Nova Scotia answered that call. The healing sessions I provide are customized to each individual. I work with medicine stones, spirit animals, Spirit, energies, and my higher self. Together we will release all that no longer serves you. 






The Ashworth Scott Life Sculpting name is inspired by Nahkila's unconditionally loving maternal grandparents, Elgie and Oretha Scott (formally Oretha Ashworth). We also honor Nahkila's devoted paternal grandparents, Lewis and Violet Lee by sharing with the world what her four blessings gave her... divine LOVE, support, wisdom, and legacy. Ashworth Scott Life Sculpting exists to have each soul we encounter live fearlessly on their terms, find and strengthen their Divine gifts, and experience limitless abundance. 




Life Sculpting describes the creativity we’re all born with. Like a sculptor who molds clay into art, you are innately able to reform your current situation into one of magic and a multitude of abundance. We are simply here to remind you what your Soul already knows how to do. We look forward to joining you on your journey.

Infinite Blessings Love & Light,

Nahkila Isha’

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You've Been Searching for & Manifesting This

You're here because there's an aspect of your life that doesn't feel aligned with your soul and you're ready to experience a magically aligned life in vivid color. You're ready to see beyond the veil and connect to the Universal Truths that have been kept hidden from you for so long. You're now ready to free yourself from the clutches of past pain and submerge yourself in self-love. You're ready to build real connections and create generational wealth while living your dreams. Your soul has been whispering your name, nudging you to take action. You're here because it's time. 

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