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Its time . . .


To finally put all the pieces together.


To release the obstacles in the way.


To SAY YES to magic and miracles in your life and business.


To become the healed and whole person your Soul knows you already are.


Will you join us?

The Activating You Retreats™️ brings this all together during a divinely guided immersion into the unique gifts placed within you so you can align with the life you were always meant to live. 

Here’s a little more about what you can expect . . 

Greetings Divine Radiance,


I am Nahkila Isha’ of Ashworth Scott Life Sculpting. I am your Divine Interpreter, translating messages and methods from The Divine to empower you to create abundance in your life, your business and for those you hold dear. The Activating You Retreat™️ is no typical getaway. It’s a Soul family reunion. Aside from soaking up the warm Mexican sun and enjoying a private villa with all-inclusive amenities including our own chef, we will focus our time together on you. On releasing that which blocks your abundance. On teaching, you new manifesting techniques practiced only by advanced masters. On identifying and enhancing your Divine gifts so you can wake up every day knowing you are in the exact right place at the exact right time


During several impactful days, you will . . .

Magic Awaits you...

Gain a deep understanding of your Spiritual nature so you can feel safe and confident being yourself


Learn how to create on-demand opportunities for your business and attract ideal clients


Release what’s keeping you from manifesting the life you truly deserve


Discover ancient wisdom that empowers you to be in complete control of your destiny


Elevate your vibration to align with and attract ultimate peace of mind in all areas of life


Shift your unconscious mind so your thoughts, feelings, and words ALL vibrate at the frequency of maximum abundance


Learn energy clearing techniques you can do after the retreat to keep your chakras healthy and to continue creating from a place of power

beach Photo for Retreat pg.jpeg

Simply put, 

 After The Activating You Retreat™️

your life will never be the same.



Expect an unparalleled retreat experience: authentic and magical, immersed in luxurious surroundings while enjoying the healing Mother Earth provides in natural surroundings all over the world. 


Expect a Release & Create Ceremony on the evening of arrival to cleanse your Soul so you can take away from the retreat everything you hoped to get.


Expect relaxing massages to release all tension and receive intuitive energy healing sessions with remarkably accurate and Spiritual healers.


Expect exhilarating recreation that is not only fun, but introduces you to the level right outside the shackles of your comfort zone.


Expect refreshing and invigorating sleep in world-class accommodations and delicious, healthy meals that nurture your Soul.


Expect life-changing activities, the breakthroughs you’ve longed for, unconditionally loving support for where you are on your journey, and the gift of like-minded friends who become lifelong family.


Expect A 30 to 50 minute post-retreat coaching call. You’ll enjoy virtual access to Nahkila Isha’ so you’ll be able to stay on the path of increase even as you get reacclimatized to familiar surroundings.


Most importantly, expect to take a sacred journey of Soul exploration, healing, and growth so that you can stand in the confidence of your inner Divinity as the person you were before the world taught you who you 'should' be.


Because it’s never too late to rediscover who you truly are while manifesting the life you choose to create.


Abundance is your birthright.

Come and Claim It.

That said, spots are extremely limited.

I believe in creating a close-knit community where everyone feels catered to and comfortable with the group. Because energy is everything, there will be a Spirit-led interview process to determine the attendees. Click below to schedule your interview to attend one of the upcoming Activating You Retreats™️. 

Please note . . .

You are responsible for your flight to and from the  Airport.


Transportation services are provided for the all inclusive retreats only. This service includes pick up and drop off from and to the airport. The shuttle that transports our group to the retreat location and back to the airport will arrive at a specified time. If you are not available for transport at that time, you will be responsible for your own transportation to and from the airport.  This service and catered meals are not provided for Mini Retreats. You will be responsible for both.


The moment you enroll, the planning begins, so please enroll with confidence because there are absolutely no refunds. 


To embrace this golden opportunity and attend one of the upcoming Activating You Retreats™️, submit your application by filling out a brief questionnaire and scheduling your interview.


Rest assured, even if the Activating You Retreats™️ aren't a fit, you will still have an opportunity to work with me. I look forward to joining you on your journey.


Infinite Blessings Love & Light,

Nahkila Isha’

Image by Jessica Ruscello
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