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Divine Source Energy Healers


Barbara Carter


Barbara Carter focuses on trauma healing, self-love restoration, and energetic replenishment of the mind, body, and spirit. With experience in Reiki, Divine Source Energy Healing, and Sound Healing she has many methods to assist clients in releasing their traumas while reclaiming their peace. Barbara also provides spiritual consultations with the use of divination tools to guide clients to what truly serves their highest and greatest good. All healing and guidance is Spirit led; Barbara is simply the vessel that delivers the messages and leads clients to their victory. Here’s her story:

As a survivor of multiple traumas, it is my goal to be a vessel of healing for women who seek to overcome pain and turn it into purpose.

When it came to giving, my heart knew no boundaries. I was the "go-to" person when you needed a listening hear, some money, or a place to stay. My giving had no limitations because I had no limitations!

That's where the problems started.

Lack of limitations - better known as boundaries - is how we as women end up stifled, depleted, and hurt. It’s also how traumas are born. While our hearts are in "the right place", our boundaries are not. There's a saying I've heard so many times: Givers need to learn to have boundaries because takers don't have any! So much truth resides in these few words.


It took time, practice, and courage - so, so much courage - but I learned the value of myself as a woman and decided no one will ever deplete my reserves again! Instead of becoming bitter, I became better. I learned how to acknowledge and release my traumas. I learned how to set boundaries and enforce them – not out of spite, but out of love for self. These lessons molded me into the woman I am today. Now I use these lessons to assist other women with releasing their traumas and filling themselves up first...and I do this unapologetically. You've given enough to others. It's time to give that same energy back to yourself.


DSEH – $549 for a 60-minute session

Spiritual consulting – $279 for a 60-minute session

Sound Healing – $259 for a 30-minute session

Chakra Reiki Candle Cleanse – $279 for a 30-minute time block (no need for them to be present; can last up to 2 hours for candle burn time, but use 30-minute slots so I’m not overbooked; that way I don’t do more than 6 people within a scheduled day)

Sharon Tranell 


I am a multi-passionate creative & spiritual entrepreneur allowing my gifts to make room for me. With over 30 years of stage performance and production experience as a choreographer and producer, I have had the pleasure of working with dance companies, public school programs, churches, theater productions, non-profits, and competitive dance teams to engage and inspire through my body of work. My experience also includes work as a singer, musical theater actress, background vocalist, playwright, and spoken word artist.
In 2014 I had a conscious awakening experience that kick-started my journey of spiritual growth and emotional healing. Since that time I have put in the work to heal much of my past trauma, learn life and spiritual lessons, and deconstruct aspects of my life in order to evolve into the liberated woman I am today and create the life that I choose. And I choose to share how I did it in order to help others do it too! 
As a certified Divine Source Energy Healer, interpreter, and mentor I create safe spaces and use my spiritual gifts to assist you with releasing emotional and spiritual blocks within your soul or energetic being. I also offer mentorship to young women, a safe space of transparency with a “big sister or cool auntie” they can be real with. I share unfiltered truths and personal experiences to provide wise counsel, encouragement, solace, and accountability to support them along their life’s journey. 
In all that I do, I choose to live authentically, spirit-led and fully take up my space in the world. My hope is to serve and inspire others to do the same with my artistry, service, spiritual gifts, and community.


$353.11 for a 60-minute session


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