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Divine Activation


It’s not about your job, paycheck or credentials. It’s about creating a life of freedom, peace, and abundance—no matter where you are or what you're doing, you deserve the best this life has to offer. Receiving more requires vision, truth, courage, and effective spiritual tools for those moments when self-doubt and fear get in the way.

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You feel it deep down deserve more


You’ve been craving some personal “me time”, you’ve been seeking ways to excel beyond your current position in life because you know you have what it takes to go from good to great, but you haven’t found a solution that resonates with your soul and screams “Go for it!"



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Divine Activation is a 4-day Personal Retreat to accelerate and activate your inner Divinity and divine calling on the deepest levels. Call it determination, ambition, motivation, inspiration, or drive. Call it a life that makes you feel ABUNDANTLY FREE. You desire to make serious moves—write bestsellers, launch a business, raise enlightened children, make enormous amounts of money doing what you love without losing yourself in the process.


Now is the time.

You deserve this.

For CEOs, scholars, coaches, healers, artists, leaders, and seekers with ambition. From creating careers to launching bigger dreams—Divine guidance and motivated action go hand in hand. It’s got to feel good, resonate on a soul level and get you actual results.




For the individual ready to create a lasting up level in their personal, professional, and love life.

For the entrepreneur ready to create a powerful shift in their business.

For the lightworker ready to create an impactful shift in the collective consciousness by sharing their Divine gifts with the world.

SAY YES to your next level of GREATNESS

you will remember and embody your divine calling. You Activate so that you can:Uncover the multimillion-dollar business idea that aligns with your soul. Reconstruct your business, relationships, career, and life with divine clarity, love, and ease.Create your inspiring, most beneficial, and profitable business offerings.Own and honor your transcendent, creative power in all areas of your life.

In Divine Activation,

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ACTIVATE YOUR PASSIONS. Honor your inner Divinity.

Divine Activation isn’t a cookie-cutter, conventional experience

Your 4 days of Activation include

4 days in a private suite at a luxurious boutique hotel or AirBnB 

Dinner on evening of arrival, 3 delicious meals  on second and third day and brunch on day of departure

16+ hours of deep soul examination with me using tailor-made questions, exercises, practices, movement, meditation and so much more

1 full body treatment of your choice (90 minutes)Several hours to rest, relax and integrate your work throughout the weekend

Boundless breakthroughs, insights, and clarity beyond your greatest expectation

A 50-minute follow-up phone call within 30 days after your return home Chauffeured airport/home pick up and drop off

*Flights to and from Divine Activation location is not included

Wonderful treats that will surprise, delight, and inspire you.

Divine Activation assists you with gaining clarity regarding the next steps on your journey. I offer you Spirit-led guidance, keen brainstorming, stimulating questions, and deep acceptance. You’ll leave your retreat with profound insights; meaningful money-making strategies; crystal clear priorities; ignited confidence, creativity, and courage; and an elevated ability to connect with your Divine Spirit Team at will.

Part strategy session, part inner healing,

Divine Activation is for you if:

  • Life looks perfect and all put together from the outside, but you know deep down, it’s time for extraordinary and lasting shifts.


  • You’ve invested in classes, read books and gone to workshops but you’re still stuck in a limited lackluster cycle.


  • You’re completely committed to your spiritual growth and determined to do deep soul journeying no matter what.


  • You’re not looking for a fairy godmother to come save you.


  • You're ready for a result-driven mentor who will guide you to your next level of excellence

Divine Activation is NOT for you if:

  • You’re stuck inside a financial crisis.


  • Someone or something else is to blame for the state of your life and you’re waiting for them to make it better.


  • You don’t believe there’s any value in exploring or learning from your past.


  • You’re not ready to step outside your comfort zone to receive real insight or answers

frequently asked questions



DIVINE ACTIVATION is a completely mobile experience. We can meet in the city where you live or somewhere totally different. The location is completely up to you.



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Maybe an Oceanfront Resort situated in a lush tropical forest natural setting within a private beach cove on Nicaragua's Emerald Coast on the Pacific is what your soul is craving. WHERE WE MEET IS TOTALLY YOUR CALL! If we meet in your hometown, a chauffeured town car will pick you up from home and bring you to your hotel. If you fly in, it will pick you up from the airport. Either way, it’s door-to-door service because you deserve nothing less than the best.


Now's the time for you to connect with me for an application interview. This will allow us to determine if Divine Activation is the jewel you've been manifesting to transport you to your highest potential.

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Are you ready to ACTIVATE your Divine Magic?

Here are your next steps:​


Click the button below to be taken to your application form that will take 15-20 minutes to complete


This application will help me understand if we’re a good match for working together. You will be asked about your dreams, your challenges, where you are in your life, where you’d like to be next and what you truly desire


After completing the questionnaire, you will schedule your application interview where we will determine if Divine Activation is a perfect fit for you. (If not, no worries. We can still explore other options that are available to you.)

During our interview, we’ll talk about the possibilities of working together and answer any other questions you might have. Sound good to you?



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Greetings Divine Radiance. I’m Nahkila Isha’—Divine Interpreter. Psychic Life Coach. Spiritual Mentor. When I was ready to create self-love and acceptance, freedom, peace, and abundance in my life, I didn’t turn to self-help books, YouTube videos, or high-end healing trinkets. I knew my soul required something deeper. I required a guide that would help me find my center and ground myself in truth so I could release all the emotional, energetic, and spiritual blocks that kept me from accessing my inner power at will. I work exclusively with motivated and dedicated individuals and those on the verge of becoming them. I am not a doctor or mental health professional. I’m a Spirit-led guide, mentor, and teacher with years of experience helping individuals gain the clarity and power necessary to create and live their most abundant life. I’m passionate about truth, freedom, and Divine connection. I’m devoted to helping you show up as your true self to elevate and prosper to your next level of excellence as soon as possible.


Pink and Red Organic Illustrations Perso
Pink and Red Organic Illustrations Perso
Pink and Red Organic Illustrations Perso
Pink and Red Organic Illustrations Perso
Pink and Red Organic Illustrations Perso

- Nahkila Isha'

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