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When we call Spirit, Spirit answers 100% of the time. When Spirit calls us, we answer the call...when we do extraordinary things happen.

I am Gillian Smith a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner (Laika Lineage), Jikiden Reiki Practitioner and an all-around empath, who loves to fulfill dreams.

I am a storyteller who has released my own story to serve my higher self and Spirit. From a very young age I could read people’s energies, emotions, I knew intuitively how they were feeling or felt about a situation. I believed everyone could do this and carried on with life absorbing all kinds of energy until I matured and realized it was a gift. Through sheer determination, support and Spirit-led guidance, I shed all that longer serves me. Now my gift has evolved to serve my brothers and sisters, as I made a vow to Spirit to be a healer and earth keeper. I took the long path to find my true self/calling. My working career began as a childhood educator, which led me to become a registered nurse. My life has given me many lessons and blessings, which is why I am here to serve you today. For the first 36 years of my life, I lived in the United Kingdom. We had a calling to emigrate to Nova Scotia Canada, we answered that call. After tending to our farm for many love filled years, we have been led to relocate to Mexico. The healing sessions I provide are customized to each individual. I work with medicine stones, spirit animals, Spirit, energies and my higher self. 

Gillian Smith

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Illumination process | Deep luminous body cleanse | Extraction of crystallized energies | Soul retrieval

And many other Spirit-led healing processes that clear imprints in your energy fields. Each session will be intuitively led and we will be guided through holding sacred space for your healing to take place, each session will feel different and will be personal for your own healing on an energetic level. In addition to serving on the Ashworth Scott Life Sculpting team, I also operate my own healing practice, I AM... Sacred Energy Healing in Nova Scotia.

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Illumination process: Every time we suffer a trauma, disease or encounter another life-altering experience, these leave behind an imprint in our energy field. This imprint will continue to repeat the same experiences. The illumination process will heal and remove this imprint and the low vibrating energy you will be carrying. We will release all that no longer serves you.



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Call upon all you are choosing to release, and all that no longer serves you. The negative energy we carry can become stagnant and heavy in our energy field, feel it lift and be released. Call in your destiny and envision your mythic map, as the medicine brings in love and gratitude


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Our soul is our true self, our wisdom and our guide. As we go through our human experience, our soul can become fragmented from different traumatic experiences. Through soul retrieval, the broken/lost pieces of our soul can be restored and complete this magical journey as our true authentic selves.



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This medicine comes from a place of freedom, feel the essence of becoming nobody, no mind, no attachment. Tracking our whole life and letting go, the more we let go the easier our journey becomes. In life and in death we will become lighter by releasing our stories and limiting beliefs. Our bodies go to the earth, our wisdom goes to the mountain sand our souls go to the stars.


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Together we will release all that no longer serves you. The roles that we play, the power we gave away, traumas, disease and all that we have buried in our shadows and carry with us unconsciously. These healing processes will help you connect with nature, to become one with your soul and will guide you in finding your true self and life purpose. As our greatest wound is separation from Spirit

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During our journey, your energy field can attract and absorb low vibrating, negative energy. Within the illumination process, we will remove stagnant, crystallized energy that is trapped in our luminous energy field. This action will release and heal the cycle of negative imbalance


"I would highly recommend Gillian! 

A few hours after my first session with Gillian and I felt amazing. My heart chakra was open and my heart space felt clear in a way that it hadn’t felt in a very long time. I am in the middle of the biggest transition of my life. I knew there were fears to release, but I didn’t know how to release those fears on my own. Gillian came through and created a safe space where magic and healing happened. Words cannot describe how perfectly timed our session was. I guess “divine timing” would be appropriate LOL. She tapped in and saw visions of traumas (from this life and previous) that I do not tell anyone. I could feel her energy so strongly, like physical hands pressing on my body. Resentments that I had been holding since childhood melted away like nothing. Mental patterns that kept me feeling stuck and powerless continue to fade by the minute. She gave me clarity and more confidence as I move forward on this journey. She also gave me a simple, but powerful ritual to use moving forward as I continue to release. A few weeks after my first session with Gillian and I am seeing the results of the work more fully now. After releasing so much, I feel more empowered and creative and safe to be those things. The messages delivered through visions she saw before and during the healing still stick with me and are helping me feel confident and safe as I move forward in this transition. The clarity and peace I felt during and after the session has lead me to incorporate sessions with Gillian as a part of my spiritual maintenance and healing."

Most sincerely,

Nathallie Hughes

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