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Life Sculpting


Partner with The Divine.
Embrace your one true purpose.
Change your life.

Join Divine Interpreter & Psychic Life Coach Nahkila Isha’ on a Spirit-led journey to the next level of financial abundance and spiritual fulfillment.

Because you're worth it.



The life that you are meant to live exists beyond your wildest dreams.

Are you ready to live it?


The Ashworth Scott Life Sculpting Mentorship is a Divinely inspired space for you to discover answers about yourself, your purpose, and the direction you’re meant to take in life that you weren't sure you’d ever find.


Clarity changes everything.


Your Psychic Mentor Nahkila Isha’ is here to equip you with magical tools and translate accurate messages from Spirit that you require for this critical season of your life.

Releasing the person you were so you can become your true self is lonely, confusing, and sometimes scary. They just don’t get it. Friends, clients, family, even your life partner may not relate to the inward transformation you’re experiencing and outwards changes your making.


For those who choose to not go it alone, this Life Sculpting Mentorship feels like coming home. It’s a place of unconditional love, encouragement, lasting inspiration, specific direction, practical techniques, and complete freedom from judgment.


As an Ashworth Scott Life Sculpting Mentee, you will be empowered to create an endless supply of whatever your heart desires. Many Mentees report that for the first time in their lives, they feel aligned with who they are, what they’re meant to do, how, and with whom.


Ashworth Scott Life Sculpting offers TWO mentorship options so you can choose the right path forward from here:

Activating You

Elite 1-on-1 Mentorship

with Nahkila Isha’

Activating You

Group Mentorship

with Nahkila Isha’


The Activating You Mentorship is a 12-month exploration of your Soul where Nahkila Isha' is 100% guided by Spirit on how to teach you the tools required to access the Divinity and Wisdom that's been buried deep within your Soul for far too long.

Real Results

During your 12-month exploration, you will

 Release obstacles blocking your path

 Build your intuitive gifts and potential

Gain clarity on the role your Soul agreed to play

this lifetime as a spiritual being

The best part of either mentorship is that you will be journeying together with other like-minded people! You get VIP access and support from the Activating You Community. Your  spiritual family is available to hold space for you and keep you accountable as you reach your goals, experience spiritual growth, and begin sharing your psychic abilities with the world. Whether you use your newfound gifts in your personal life or in building your business, you will feel confident no matter what curve ball life throws at you. You'll knock it out of the park and continue running fearlessly in your purpose towards your destiny!



Nahkila Isha'


Nahkila Isha’ is a Divine Interpreter, Psychic Life Coach, and Mentor—here to listen, interpret, and deliver messages from The Divine for your highest and greatest good. As the owner of Ashworth Scott Life Sculpting, Nahkila serves Soul-centered entrepreneurs and those choosing to make the switch from their day job to become one full time. Nahkila assists clients (like you!) with providing clarity where this is confusion, identifying your purpose, and releasing blocks so you can reach your full potential. She is renowned for shining a light on places hidden from your awareness that cause a feeling of stagnation. Other messages, methods, and tools that support your journey include Nahkila’s work as a trauma Release Specialist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and Psychic Medium.

Together, you will heal from various traumas, reconnect with the deep, ancient wisdom within you, and gain the tools and confidence to assist others in doing the same. This process empowers you to independently create abundance in your business and overall life. Nahkila is confident in her ability to provide clients with unparalleled results because she did so first for herself. After retiring as a stay-at-home mom, she rejoined the working world and reached a high level of success . . .according to society’s standards. Married, two children, a home, large savings, a luxury car, and a high rung position on the corporate ladder.“ The dream life” didn’t make Nahkila happy. Something was missing. So, she sought more. Her journey brought her through a divorce, back into the workforce, and to the loss of her material wealth. Then an injury took her health. Unable to work, Nahkila fell into a deep depression, suffered chronic pain, and gained 200 pounds.

There at her rock bottom, Nahkila found meditation again—and a new purpose. In the darkness, she heard The Divine speak . . . "Life Coaching." Finally, a way out emerged. Nahkila took immediate action to answer her calling and was guided to Bennett Stellar University. Feeling inspired, Nahkila vowed to use her education to enlighten and empower others, and founded Ashworth Scott Life Sculpting.

You have the option to work 1-on-1 with Nahkila Isha’ monthly in addition to group mentoring when you sign up for the Activating You Elite 1-on-1 Mentorship. Activating You Elite is perfect for you if you are serious about your up level and ready to grow, transform, and expand your spiritual awareness,  life and business NOW.

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Image by Jess Bailey

Activating You Elite is perfect for you if you

Are serious about your level up 

Are ready to grow spiritually, transform, and expand your life and business NOW.

Sound like you?

Activating You Elite Offers

  • Access to the exclusive Activating You Facebook community

  • 1 monthly group session with up to 20 minutes of individual mentoring time

  • Facebook Lives for Support in between sessions

  • Extended Support within the Facebook group setting

  • Spirit Led Messages from Nahkila and other members of the group


  • Monthly 60-minute one-on-one Private Sessions via Zoom

  • Monthly Energy healing sessions with Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner Gillian Smith

  • Coaching On The Go

Stories from the soul..

Why this is an investment worth making.

“Nahkila is a dynamic Lightworker and Mentor. Working with her has amplified my own personal transformation tenfold. Before I started working with her I had been only dealing with my trauma; but through her mentorship she taught me how to transmute that suffering into nourishment for my soul and drive towards purpose. She guided me on how to reintroduce myself to my Divinity. And how to embrace my true life - walking this plane as a Light Worker. I am so proud and grateful to have learned from such a beautiful soul and to be apart of each other’s Soul Family”

- Tia-Lynn

Image by Samuel Austin

Remember who you were before the world taught you who you “should” be

Connect to your Divine power and inner strength

Heal from and release trauma

End the cycle of self-sabotage

Embrace lasting self-love

Discover your true purpose

Uncover and develop your psychic giftsSet clear boundaries without guilt

Create a life filled with bliss and abundance

Connect with a loving community of Lightworkers who “get” you

Feel a sense of belonging and peace as you build lifelong friendshipsIncrease financial wealth and grow a secure, sustainable business

No matter which option you choose, the results from the unparalleled Activating You Mentorship WILL empower you to:

Your next step is to Schedule an Interview with Nahkila Isha’ and Apply.

Due to the intimate setting the Activating You Mentorships provide, Nahkila only accepts a small number of applicants each year.


So, if your Soul is saying YES, act NOW. Our exclusive community fills fast.


Accept this opportunity to flourish.


You are worth investing your time, energy, and money in.


The only risk is not taking action and having your life remain the same.


Trust your instincts and have faith.


It's Time to Activate You.

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