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Custom Magick Cleansing Sacred Bath Salts, 1 Sage Stick, 1 Palos Santos Stick, 1 Custom Oil, 30 minutes of Distance Reiki


Self care is a key component when maintaining one's Spiritual health and well being. The debris attracted from outside energy can create feelings of being sluggish, stagnant, and depleted. Feeling this way can create blocks in your emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, and financial life. There's no escaping the effects outside energy can have on our life no matter how much work is put into healing and self love, but rest assured because we’ve got you covered!


These magical Bundles of Joy are designed to assist you with resetting, replenishing, and healing the blocks created from day to day living in a world where energy is contagious.


*** Email to add up to 3 custom energies to this bundle

Custom Ultimate Self Care Bundle



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