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Our Goddess/God Blend is the perfect self-love serum that balances your Divine Feminine and Masculine energies to create peace, balance and harmony in your life and business. This oil is designed to bring awareness to the areas within that create doubt, self-sabotage, and fear. After the light shines on these healing opportunities, our Goddess/God Blend will assist you with a gentle release, so you feel, know, and believe in your limitless potential. This oil is also great for creating strong and healthy boundaries. This oil is perfect to use in combination with Energy Healing and coaching sessionsSuggested Use:Add to you sacred bath waterAnoint your ritual candlesWear on your skin

Suggested Use:

Add to you sacred bath water

Anoint your ritual candles

Wear on your skin

Goddess/ God Blend

  • In case you decide against your purchase made on our website, please notify us within 24 hours of your purchase for us to be able to stop the order fulfillment process. In case the order has already been picked up by our shipment carrier, we unfortunately cannot cancel the order anymore and it will be delivered to you.

    In most cases, if you notify us within 24 hours of your purchase, we will be able to cancel your order, no questions asked.

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