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When enough is enough your soul will guide you exactly where you're meant to be. You being here is no coincidence. This is the answer you've been waiting for.


You feel it deep down inside… you deserve more

It’s not about your job, paycheck or credentials. It’s about creating a life of freedom, peace and abundance — no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you deserve the best this life has to offer.


Receiving more requires vision, truth, courage and effective spiritual tools for those moments when self-doubt and fear gets in the way.

Image by Jeremy Thomas

“What I love most about Nahkila is that she guides with her heart to produce results. She is truthful and knowledgeable in what she speaks about so that you can soar to the next level in your journey. Nahkila guides me in my coaching practice and in my network marketing business. I’m grateful for the techniques she uses to get me to where I am destined to get to in my practice and business. I’m grateful for her expertise because she forces me to grow into a better version of myself. I’m excited about the future!”


- Candace Kinlow



Now its your time to live it

Soul Shifting Life Transforming Services


Mindset Mastery Coaching on The Go is done in 3 month increments for the busy professional, busy mom, or busy couple always on the go. This service allows you to receive the support you’re seeking without taking time, you don’t have, out of your schedule to sit in a Zoom session.

Are you super busy and don't have room to add more appointments to your schedule, but feel a life coach would be a great asset to assist you with growing your business, releasing the blocks that are keeping you stuck in lack so you can connect to your infinite power to attract unlimited magic and abundance into your current reality? If so - Coaching on The Go is perfect for you!

The Activating You Life Sculpting Mentorship is perfect for you if you're serious about shifting your life and living your dreams.

Are you ready to Activate Your Full Potential and release the habit of playing small, dimming your light, and living your life based on the expectations of others?



With Nahkila


Energy Healing

With Gillian 

For deep profound clarity and answers to life's many questions, Nahkila Isha' has a stellar track record that leaves her clients blown away in the best way possible after every reading!

There's no block Gillian can't find due to her Divine connection. You will leave your session feeling more connected, whole, and complete!

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